DPAK Adhesive Closure

General Features:

  • Produced by Polyethylene (PE) film and Polyethylene extruded mesh
  • Having a packaging capacity of 250 grams and 6.000 grams
  • Advantage of working with desired sizes
  • Being appropriate to be used in manual packaging. Produced with self adhesive two sided hotmelt tape for closing bag mouth easily. 
  • Having the property of printing maximum ten-color photograph
  • Enabling the product to breath due to production technology and bag properties, and increasing the endurance and shelf life of the product
  • Opportunity of making the brand prominent with its print that has been designed and applied and print quality, making the product quality clear and increasing the product selection
  • Increasing the advantages of working with different colors, product selection and attraction . One side of the bags is completely PE and this protects against light. This is an important feature for potato
  • The bag has the advantage to print any kind of information and visual material on its large surface and to write all required information to the spaces on the bag during

Packaged Products

Special Produced for packaging vegetables like Green Beans, Kidney Beans, Cucumber, Pepper, Squash, Eggplant, Lettuce, Radish