About Us

ATD Packaging and Consulting was founded in 2002. Started its activities with the General Management and Packaging Sector Consulting, and  in a little while was added in its activities Conceptual Design, Design Services and  the supply of packaging material.

Started to produce Prestige Bag and Net Bag with D-Pak packaging manufacturing company who was founded in 2007 according to the needs of the sector. In a little while, adhesive closure bags,labeled sacks and self adhesive case cover products was added in D-Pak product line.

In the period until 2011,  ATD Packaging & Consulting  increase the diversity of  Consulting and training services.  ATD Packaging & consulting continues its  services  in the central office and factory established in Dudullu.

In the current tough market conditions to remain competitive, to protect and improve the profitability,  different products for the concept studies are aware of how important it is. DPAK PRESTIGE and DPAK NET Bags developed in this direction and to capture the awareness in all sectors, in this way, we think that your product gain added value.